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How does a young woman, from a good home, end up homeless?

Christina grew up in a good home. Her home was literally on the famous Candy Cane Lane in the valley. However, she experienced constant bullying in school so her home and family were her safe haven. In the summer before entering high school, that place of warmth and security, came tumbling down. Her parents’ divorce created a crack in her secure foundation and she was devastated.

Adding insult to injury, her father soon introduced her to his new girlfriend who soon became her stepmother. There was distrust from the moment they met and it only got worse. It all hit the fan when her father died and the stepmother was the sole beneficiary of his financial trust. Christina went from insecure to emotionally defeated.

As a result of the bullying at school and the extreme disappointment of losing her secure source of family, Christina had an uphill battle to fight to find herself. Although she lacked confidence in herself, she was a hard-worker and intelligent. As a young adult she landed a good job in the aerospace industry.

Her need for security and love led her to a relationship she treasured but a tragic accident to her boyfriend left him in need of a caregiver. Christina took a leave of absence to try to supply his needs but it proved to be more than she could emotionally and physically handle. The relationship ended and left her vulnerable once more.

As she was about to go back to her job, she met a young man with a shady background in the drug scene. He fell back into his habit and after the first time she allowed him to shoot her up with Meth her world came tumbling down once more. This time to new lows she could never have thought possible.

Christina never returned to her good job. Instead, she became an addict herself. The drugs masked her emotional pain. The drugs initially seemed like a friend but soon became her worst nightmare. Within two years, she had blown through all her savings, lost her housing, lost her car, and was pregnant living homeless on the streets. The unimaginable had happened. How could I have gotten here?

Christina’s need for self-worth, her desire to get better, and her ultimate goal of being a good mother motived her to seek help and change. She found a relative to care for her baby and she entered a rehab program. Christina worked the program with all her energy. After rehab she was referred to Hope Gardens, and she worked equality diligent there to get healthy. Christina got clean and eventually regained custody of little Ariyah. With God’s help she graduated and become an excellent apprentice in the Volunteer Services Department. Christina then found a good job and started saving money again. 

After three years at Hope Gardens, Christina moved into her own apartment two weeks ago. Deed and Truth blessed her with a House2Home transformation this past Saturday. She now has a beautiful two-bedroom apartment fully furnished back in her home town where she grew up and near her place of employment. 

Christina has been on an incredible journey. Read what she wrote about it:

“Homelessness can happen to anyone! This is what I needed though, to grow and become successful. It was a blessing in disguise for me. I didn’t know that I was capable of ‘doing anything’. Then I was put into a situation where ‘doing’ was the only option.” She realized, with God’s help, she was completely equipped to succeed. “I wanted it so badly and I got it.”

Today, Christina has money in the bank, her daughter in her life, and gratitude in her heart. She gives thanks to the Lord and all who have supported her in her journey. She wants to thank all of you, who through Deed and Truth, have turned her house into a home, which to her means, a safe haven to raise her daughter. 

The morning after her H2H, she texted the following: “Good morning Betty! We couldn’t be happier! I truly appreciate everything you guys did! The set up was beautiful and I love all the little details! You can tell that you guys really truly care! We felt so love. We love you!”

Christina’s is a journey from Candy Cane Lane, to a Dark Alley, to Recovery Road, to a House that is now a home filled with furnishings and a whole lot of love from donors and volunteers associated with Deed and Truth.

Special thanks to All Nations Church for providing the muscle and people-power last Saturday. And to all of you who support the ministry with furnishings and finances. 

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  1. So very happy for Christina and her child. It has been a long road, she has so much to be proud of. Thank you to “all Nations Church“ and “deed and truth” Returning Christina’s house into a home!

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