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People ask all the time, “How can I help those experiencing homelessness?”

One of the key causes of homelessness is disconnectedness. One of the best things anyone can do to help those experiencing homelessness or recovering from homelessness is simply… to be their friend. Do things WITH them that friends do together.  

That’s my commitment to the men at the mission. I want them to learn how to DO FRIENDS, so I try to be a friend to them to set the example to follow. Recently I took some of the senior men at the Union Rescue Mission to the Dodgers game because… that’s the kind of thing friends do.

We all had a pleasant day away from skid row, watching the game at the big yard, with each other. They still need a little help with their people skills and knowing how to communicate with each other but it’s something they are getting to learn by being together, doing things that friends do.

If you want to befriend someone who is experiencing homelessness or in the process of overcoming it, send us a message and we’ll introduce you to someone who needs a friend: dan@deedandtruth.org

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