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It’s always exciting to see how God delivers victory from the threatening grip of defeat, understanding out of confusion, faith from fear, functionality from chaos, redemption out of the broken, and meaning out of what was void.

Here’s another House2Home story that highlights these truths.

Stephanie has grown up around abuse and God brought her to Hope Gardens to deliver her from a domestic violence situation. As a result of such trauma she developed destructive coping strategies which is more common than not. She was defeated, fearful, broken, living a chaotic lifestyle, and her life felt void of purpose.

Stephanie’s situation was even more complicated as she is trying to raise three boys, two that are teenagers, and the youngest has cognitive and developmental disabilities.  But she is a fighter. She had always been a worker and has the determination and experience to earn a living.

Praise God, Stephanie has graduated from Hope Gardens, got a job with a paycheck, and has recently moved out into a 3-bedroom apartment with her three boys.

Deed & Truth helped her turn a fairly empty apartment into a home. We sent them all out for dinner and when they returned the deed was done and she was truly grateful. They are all hopeful for this Fresh Start in their new home.

Stephanie can’t work full time given the needs of her family. However, she is employed at Macy’s and works 30-32 hours a week… or at least she did until they shut down temporarily due to the Covid-19 quarantine.

Stephanie would like to thank you for your financial support of D&T to make her house a home. She’d also appreciate your prayers. Here is a short list of concerns she wants to share with you to help you pray more specifically.

  • Her financial situation during this temporary work shutdown.
  • To prioritize parenting of her teenage boys as a single mom who must work to pay the bills.
  • Her boys’ education as they all had to change schools with their move.
  • Her oldest son is a HS senior, a very gifted student and could greatly benefit from a college scholarship
  • Her boys’ to find new friends who will be a good influence
  • For a good church home to supply a support system
  • For continued victory over temptation to revert to the old false self

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