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“All I could think about was how faith-affirming this opportunity was for our team.”

This was a quote from the leader of one of our new church partners who volunteered for their first House2Home move-in. Deed and Truth provides bridges to connect people who want to change with those who want to help people change. Ironically, God also uses these experiences to change the volunteers as well.

We were made by God to find our lives when we give it away. Service and sacrifice are the surprising paths to finding that kind of fulfillment and satisfaction. We are closest to Christ when we are used by him to love those who need it most with deeds and with hearts of compassion. Here are more of Michael’s thoughts about this recent House2Home:

“When Danielle first walked into her newly furnished apartment, her eyes grew wide as we all smiled. After looking around, she sat down in a royal blue armchair and our team crowded around to hear her story. She spoke of pain, addiction, and her road to redemption. We asked if she had prayer requests and she eventually said, “pray for my inner peace because I work hard, and I’ve never had my own place before.” She then thanked us for turning her empty apartment into a home. All I could think about was how faith-affirming this opportunity was for our team. As the Director of HFLA (Hope for Los Angeles), to experience being the physical answer to someone’s prayers encouraged my heart. Serving for the first time with Deed & Truth was so impactful because our church was able to connect service to a human story while meeting Danielle’s practical needs. House to Home is one of those unique opportunities where you get to see the results of faith in action immediately.”

Michael Henderson
Pacific Crossroads Church Love for L.A. Outreach Ministry Director

Deed and Truth is in the process of training new teams to serve in the House2Home ministry in an effort to serve more families. Please pray for these new teams to catch the vision. If you’d like to form a team of your own or partner financially in this ministry please contact Betty via email… betty@deedandtruth.org

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