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Allyson was a mother of three, a meth addict, and homeless. She finally decided enough is enough!

Who knows what happens that flips the switch one day when a person who is severely struggling finally makes the decision to go to the rescue mission for help. It might be a random encounter, a lead from a friend, a story about someone else, or any number of other things. Whatever the method, on the back side, it becomes clear that God was in it all along, lovingly pursuing people to himself.  

Allyson and her three children moved into the OC Rescue Mission and committed herself to the Christian recovery program. But she ended up getting more than she had ever hoped or dreamed. Not only did she overcome her addiction, but through Christ, she also met Cory, a man in the program, who has now become her husband and they have a child of their own.  

Both Allyson and Cory are working full time jobs, are faithful at their church, and spend the rest of their time raising their four daughters!  

Recently God blessed them with a house to call home. Deed and Truth was happy to help by supplying the furniture that they needed. We are excited for this family as they have turned a house into a home where they can share the love of Jesus with one another and build wonderful, lasting memories together.

2 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Praise God once again for His mercy and grace in transforming the lives of Allyson, Cory and their children!
    Praise God for Deed and Truth for being there and transforming their house into a home!
    Keep up the great work!

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