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God is always working on our behalf. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s behind the scenes. He is in the BIG things as well as the little things. If you examine the evidence his fingerprints can be found.

God goes before us for guidance and he has our back for protection. He is above us to rule and under us for support. He is with us for he is in us for constant intimacy and grace to help in times of need. God’s Divine Fingerprints may be invisible but can be clearly seen with spiritual eyes.

One recent piece of evidence has to do with storage space for the House2Home furniture we collect from donors. Originally, God provided half of a garage at a friend’s house. Here’s a big shout out to our ministry partner, Lynne Muslin who has barely been able to pull her car into her garage for the past two years.

Once the garage filled up we used the lower level of the condo we are staying at in Anaheim as overflow from Lynne’s. Then as the ministry grew we also rented a storage unit… then two units. However, the cost was becoming prohibitive and still restrictive space-wise.

Recently, God provided an unexpected blessing. As a result of preaching at a new church partner in San Clemente… big shout out to Zion Church… we met a committed Christian man who had just been at the church for two weeks. He was the plant manager for a company in Anaheim. He invited us to tour his facility with the idea of providing sufficient storage for the H2H ministry… a big shout out to Jose and Xerxes. They have provided two 40’ storage units free of charge.

Although we still use Lynne’s garage for décor items, as well as our condo, which we affectionately refer to as “Lamps R Us”, the new storage units in Anaheim have enabled us to expand the ministry while reducing the expenses.

We thank God for bringing Deed and Truth partners such as Lynne, Zion Church, Jose, and Xerxes. This is His ministry and it’s evident that he has been involved in everything from the initial vision, to implementation, to resources, to partnerships. We see God’s Divine Fingerprints at every turn.

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