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Covid created a catastrophe for John and his young family. It cost him his job and then everything caved in around him.

John was gainfully employed at a job that he really enjoyed in the Event Management field. He and the love of his life, Sequoia, along with Aiden, their non-verbal autistic son, were moving toward their dreams. Then came covid.

The event business was completely shut down and John started driving for Uber to try to make ends meet. They couldn’t afford their rent so they moved to a Motel room. Uber driving wasn’t paying the bills and they had to dip into their savings. When their finances dried up they found themselves in a serious housing dilemma. They had no family who could take them in and they didn’t know where to turn.

Then someone told them about the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. They applied and were accepted. There they had a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, people who displayed the love of Christ to them, classes to help them recover from the trauma of homelessness, and time to get their lives reassembled. 

Once the Event Management company had contracts again, they reached out to John to rehire him. He’s been back to work at his old job and they have been diligent to save their income. 

Recently, John, Sequoia, and Aiden moved into a cute little apartment in Glendale. Deed and Truth sent a team of volunteers to turn their empty apartment into a home. They were so delighted to walk into their new place to see it completely furnished. If I do say so myself, it looked pretty sweet! 

John and Sequoia are the first family from the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission to be blessed by the Deed and Truth H2H ministry. We are excited about this new partnership with the SFVRM. We look forward to helping more families as they transition out of homelessness and into a transformational lifestyle.

John and Sequoia want to thank the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission for turning their lives around and the Deed and Truth donors and volunteers for turning their house into a home. We are so grateful for all of you who give finances and/or furnishings to impact families like this one. Please pray for John, Sequoia, and Aiden as they move toward financial independence and closer to their life goals.

3 thoughts on “Covid Catastrophe

  1. The LORD is good and makes all things new in HIS time. Hallelujah!
    As the Scripture rightly puts it, anyone who makes HIS Kingdom a priority
    will have everything added as bonus.

    GOD is Real and Good.

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