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Homelessness may never go away completely but Deed and Truth is working to end homelessness one family at a time.

This week Deed and Truth ended homelessness for Arpa and her 2 year old son, Julian. They are our second family for the new House to Home (H2H) Ministry.  

Arpa and Julian arrived at Hope Gardens less than 2 years ago. After experiencing severe domestic violence, trauma and a history of drug addiction, she was determined to get her life back on track. Arpa and I had an immediate cultural connection, her being first generation Armenian American and me being Greek.

This “literally” opened the door to many hours of deep life discussions, leaving regrets behind, and walking in the power of Christ. Arpa graduated the Hope Gardens program, served as an apprentice, got a car, and secured employment off campus before transitioning to her new house this past week. Arpa is staying connected with an awesome spiritual mentor who teaches the Bible study class at Hope Gardens and is the Director of Women’s Ministries at a partner church. She knows keeping healthy relationships is key to her continual growth and stability.


Arpa’s life goals are to be a good Mom to Julian, to pass the tests and requirements to become a Registered Nurse, (she received her Bachelor of Science and Nursing from West Coast University), to maintain healthy relationships, and grow in her journey with Jesus! “For with God all things are possible,” is the Bible verse she has posted on her bathroom mirror.

This past Thursday, we partnered with her parents, her Hope Gardens case manager, and one of our local church partners to turn Arpa’s house into a HOME! We arrived at her apartment in the morning, and while she was at work and Julian in daycare, the H2H transformation become a reality.  


Check out the video of Arpa arriving to her apartment and seeing how it was transformed from a house to a “Home.”

“I love it, and it’s just the beginning for me…you have given me more motivation for the future!”

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support of this ministry making it possible to transform Arpa’s house into a HOME! If you’d like to help with future H2H families donate below. If you’d like to send an encouraging email to Arpa click here.

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