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“I am beyond grateful for the people involved in my recovery.”

Valerie has come a long way and had to overcome a whole lot to get where she is today. Her journey began with an unstable home life which led to other unhealthy relationships as a young adult. She experienced the death of her closest supporter, who was her father, an abusive boyfriend, alcoholism, drug use, and eventually the removal of her two oldest children from her custody.  

With the help of her uncle and cousin, she began her path toward recovery. They provided support and accountability. That then led her to Hope Gardens where Valerie stayed for four years and blossomed into a model guest. She worked hard on her recovery and it paid off. She graduated, went to school, and landed an excellent job with a career path with an excellent company.

“I am beyond grateful for the people involved in my recovery… case workers, my uncle, cousin, court team, and most important… God! I now have the armor of God to fight off anything that is not of God. I set goals for my family and myself. I set boundaries and learned how to save money for a rainy day.  Most important, I have a small circle of great support. My wish is to have stability and a safe sanctuary for my family to experience peace.”


Deed and Truth, with the help of the House2Home team from All Nations Church, were pleased to turn Valerie’s house into a home this past week. When she came home to see the finished space, she was shocked at how incredible the whole experience was for her. She was blown away by the look and functionality of her very first home for her family. She was also moved by the circle of support she found in the people who furnished her home and volunteered to put it all together. 

Valerie and her three children have literally moved into a new and exciting chapter of their journey. She shared with us as recent as yesterday morning,

“My oldest son has been so happy. All my children are thrilled but our house transformation has made the greatest impact on my oldest son. He is the one that endured the most with me and remembers the most. All the hard work plus knowing that God never gave up on us, and we are worthy of a better opportunity and a better life.” 

Will you consider joining Valerie’s circle of support by consistently praying for her and her family?

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