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To avoid a chain of generational homelessness, we must not only focus on the mothers and fathers, but also care for their children. 

Deed and Truth is holding bi-weekly bible studies in Buena Park for graduates of the OC Rescue Mission. Martha is one of the H2H recipients and serves as the point person for the moms. 

Martha is giving back to the other families by driving the junior high children to youth group at their local church each week. Recently, the church was promoting the youth summer camp and the moms really wanted their children to have the opportunity to attend.

The church offered them all a discount if they could come up with the balance. The moms pooled their money and were still rather short. Knowing that a week-long summer camp would be a great opportunity for these students to be introduced to Christ and grow up in their understanding of the gospel, Deed and Truth picked up the balance so that all five middle schoolers could attend the camp.

Here’s a sweet thank you note we received from one of the moms:

Kory would like say:

Thank you so much for giving her the opportunity to go to camp, Cali was very excited to go to camp to make new friends. With the pandemic this last year it had taken a toll on her and friendships, so it was a great way for her to make some new friends who are involved in the church. 

When she came home she was so excited to tell me of the new friendships she had made and how they were all praying for each other. 

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! My daughter and I have been going through some pretty hard times with her being 13 and bumping heads with a lot of things and I’ve felt so distant from her. Since she came back from camp I have felt her grow as a young lady. And she has a fire for Jesus and is getting more involved in church. It makes me so excited for what God has in store for us. 

Thank you so much for being so generous and blessing my daughter and all the girls and our families.


Our vision is to build (relational) bridges to connect people who want to change with people who want to make a difference. These five families are changing… thanks, in part, to your support to Deed and Truth. We thank God for you.

Please pray for the H2H moms (and dads) to seek God’s help as they develop into the parents they long to become… and pray for the children to avoid the chain of generational homelessness.

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  1. Wonderful story and it means a lot to hear it. Will keep on praying for the H2H moms and their children. A lifeline to God is the most important thing for a lifetime with God.

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