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Poverty and homelessness can be generational, a form of bondage that imprisons the children, not just the parents.

Christina experienced pain, homelessness, and dysfunction almost her entire life. She never really had a chance to escape given her mother introduced her to drugs before she was even a teenager.  

Christina’s story is one of poverty, pain, homelessness, and drugs resulting in jail and prison for nearly 20 years for repeated offenses. She finally got tired of the whole dysfunctional routine. She wanted to break free from the prison of her addictions and the seemingly endless cycle of a meaningless living. She had tried many, many programs but nothing seemed to work.

Christina had known about God, as a young child, from her Grandfather who is a god-fearing man who use to take her to church with him. But Christina didn’t really know God. However, with that foundation she finally knew enough to cry out to God.

God heard her desperate cry for help, and He used the court system to intervene. Christina pleaded for a long-term Christian program. Someone told her about the OC Rescue Mission and she was accepted into their program.  

God has broken her chains. Christina graduated the OCRM program and has been at the mission for two years getting her life on track. This is the longest period of time she has ever been drug-free and out of jail.  

Christina has a good job, and for the first time in her life, a savings account. She recently secured an apartment and moved out of the mission on her own.

This past Saturday, Deed and Truth, along with our generous partners from Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente, turned her empty studio apartment into a home.  

When it was all completed Christina came back to her place to check it out. It was beautiful that she had brought her roommate at the mission, her case manager, her aunt and niece, and even her grandfather to share in the experience.  

Their delight was so precious to see as they looked around at the transformation that had taken place while they were gone. We all took some time to hear Christina share her story and her heart with us. God was in our presence and her tears of joy were contagious.  

As Christina told us her story her grandfather was right by her side. She told us of her future desire to be unified relationally with her 19 year old daughter, Angelina. Given her lifelong struggle, her daughter doesn’t feel safe with her but is willing to text. Christina asked us to pray for reconciliation and knows it will take time to prove to her daughter she has truly changed and is a new person through the power of Christ. 

God is so good I am so grateful for you your husband and everyone who helped make my house a home thank you. My grandpa had asked for your number he wanted to know the name of the church that also helped he said he felt the presence of the lord in alllllll of you he was so choked up. I keep waking up saying thank you Lord, thank you Jesus  thank you again you (Deed and Truth) are amazing!


4 thoughts on “Breaking The Chain

  1. Cristina. I’m so happy and proud of you.for all that you have accomplished. May the Lord continue to bless you and continue to bring you and your daughter closer together. Always remember you are never alone that the Holy Spirit resides in you and the Lord Jesus is always near.

    God Bless You,

    Bob Dier( Ironman forever)

  2. Thank you Deed and Truth! Christina’s story is being passed on and heard by many when I share about one of the best Saturdays I’ve had in a while!! To God be the glory!

    1. Thank you so much Laura I truly appreciate everything you have done and for taking the time on your Saturday to make my house a home God bless you

  3. OMG CHRISTINA IM SO PROUD OF YOU, Thank you God you did it. Hug’s Love you Thank you to all the people helped you get there thank you thank you thank you.

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