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When guys enter the program at the Union Rescue Mission they usually have nothing but the clothes on their back… and those usually need to be thrown away.

We have a clothing room for the men who enter the mission where they can get clothes that have been donated to the mission. This includes everything they need from undergarments to outerwear, along with hygiene products.

One item we are seemingly always running low on are blue jeans. Christian, the graduate apprentice who serves in the clothing room will regularly inform me when we are running low. When that happens Deed & Truth jumps in to fill the gap. We have one particular couple who are always looking around for jeans on sale. When they find them, they buy out the store!

I’m not kidding. We just delivered 75 pairs of brand-new blue jeans to the clothing room and they were all from this one generous couple. They literally have a Blue Jeans Ministry to the poor at the mission. They provide jeans every couple months to keep the clothing room stocked with all sizes.

Isn’t it interesting how that almost anything people need can become a ministry in itself. Want to start a t-shirt ministry… a hygiene ministry… sock ministry… or even an underwear ministry? Did you know that they even take used underwear provided they are washed and in good shape? When I first learned that I was blown away. When people have nothing, any little thing is of great value.  

Do you want to make a difference? Consider rallying your friends and co-workers and launch one of these drives. Not only will it make a big difference to those experiencing homelessness but it’s a very practical way to promote the compassion of Jesus to those who may not know him. Who knows, this could be a great way to start some serious conversations about the real deeds that flow from real faith! 

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