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This weekend the Deed & Truth House2Home team moved in another family. This is the third family in the month of May. We want you to hear her story and meet her family.

Carmen is a mother of three and a grandmother of one. She was in various relationships that were abusive. After she was able to get out of those relationships she didn’t receive financial support for her children and with challenges to find full time employment she lived with her mother in her one-bedroom apartment in low income housing.

Carmen was unable to stay with her mother long term due to restrictions. As she faced being homeless Carmen came to Hope Gardens. Carmen successfully graduated from her classes, was a active member of her local church, and volunteered to help with events on campus at HG. Carmen has been a mother figure to many younger moms at Hope Gardens, even throwing them baby showers.

Carmen obtained full time employment a year ago and has earned a promotion to become a lead for her department. She has a lion’s portion of determination. She will do whatever it takes to provide for her family yet will seek godly counsel for major decisions. Carmen loves the Lord & is a gentle women of prayer.

As Carmen and her family came back to her apartment this afternoon (Saturday) she was wearing a top that said exactly how she felt about how God has transformed her life and now her house to a home… it said one word across the front… BLESSED!

Betty and I also want to thank all of our friends and supporters who donated the furniture and household items, gathered them, gave financially so we could purchase the things we still needed, and for those who are on the on-site team. A special thanks to our dear friend Tony & Consolidated Construction for loaning us their truck for the move and for Mike and Terri Morris who did most of the leg work and drove up from San Clemente.

When we think of everything and everyone God has been putting together with H2H to bless these precious families we too have just one word to describe the privilege of serving together with you all… We feel BLESSED!

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