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Deed and Truth moved in our 19th family into a home this year. I thought I’d bring you behind the scenes to see what it takes to make a house a home for a family who has experienced homelessness.

This past Saturday we turned the Castenada family’s apartment into a home. Check out the cool pictures and touching videos at the end of this blog. However, it took a lot of help and effort to make this wish come true.

We had 21 volunteers either pick up furniture donations, load the truck, unload the truck, and decorate the apartment. They came from 12 different cities from as far south as San Clemente to as far north as Lancaster. They put in a cumulative total of 92 volunteer hours. The furniture and decorations came from a total of 14 different donors.

God put it all together to turn this empty apartment into a home for Jose and Jeanine and their four children. The Castenada family was deeply moved and genuinely appreciative for a new look and a new start after graduating from the program at the Orange County Rescue Mission. Please pray for them as they transition into their own home.

What we need?

We have two more move-in’s planned for December. We could use some muscle to load or unload the truck. We could also use some additional furniture. Here’s a list in case you would like to donate items:

  • One Kitchen Table and six chairs (new or lightly used)
  • Two Countertop Microwaves
  • Six New Twin Mattress pads, sheets, and comforters (4 Boys/2 Girls)
  • Two New Queen Mattress pads, sheets and comforters
  • 12 New Pillows
  • New Bathroom towel sets, rugs, and Shower Curtains
  • Set of Dishes for 6
  • Set of Flatware for 6
  • 4 Standing Lamps
  • 3 Table Lamps
  • 1 Dresser
  • 4 Night Stands

You can contact Betty via her email at betty@deedandtruth.org with any of these donations.

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