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Sandra is known for her big beautiful smile. She wears it often now that she has graduated from Hope Gardens but her not so recent past held it hostage through unhealthy relationships and addiction that was medicating her pain.

Sandra is smart, has a great sense of humor, and a soft compassionate heart. Sandra is a wonderful success story. She has an excellent work ethic and faithfully demonstrated that through her maintenance apprenticeship while at Hope Gardens. She conducted her duties with a genuine desire to do her best. These attributes served her well, and before transitioning out of Hope Gardens she secured full time employment at El Pollo Loco. As a matter of fact, last week, when I dropped off a microwave she was working a double shift that day.

This past weekend many Deed and Truth partners came together to transform Sandra’s empty apartment into a home for her and her two children, Crystal (14) and Frankie (12). They were so excited to see the transformation; Sandra commented she couldn’t even concentrate at work. “I love everything and really appreciate it so much.” Shortly after we left, she texted Betty, “My kids love it so much they are already fixing their room up and putting their things in their drawers. I am so grateful for all the beautiful things.”

Even little things mean so much. Someone donated a cupcake pan. Sandra texted us this week, “We baked a cake and cupcakes last night. Thank you so much for my cooking stuff. I love it!!!”

Sandra is on a faith journey to fully trust Christ. We’re excited to continue these conversations through Deed & Truth’s House2Home ministry. Each H2H recipient is given a mentor, life coach, and prayer partner to provide spiritual, emotional, and practical support in their transition.

Please pray for Sandra, Crystal, and Frankie. Pray for them all to develop a personal relationship with Christ and to help them adjust and grow as a family.

Check out the videos of Sandra and her family as they entered their “transformed” home for the 1st time. Stay tuned…next week, Deed and Truth has another H2H family.

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