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On Mother’s Day weekend, an unfamiliar group of volunteers from Pacific Coast Church gathered in Orange to help a mother, Jill, move into her new apartment. She took off for lunch with her grown daughter, and we began our mission.

We transformed an empty apartment into a cozy, beautiful place to live. This group, happy to be doing the Lord’s work, became a new group of friends. 

When all the work was completed, we were excited to show Jill her new home. We sat with her and learned of her struggles that led to homelessness. She was visibly moved by the transformation and was beyond thankful for our help. 

We prayed with her and reassured her that Deed & Truth would be there for her in the future. She said “My mom will be so happy.” In that moment, I realized, we had been the hands and feet of Jesus, answering a mother’s prayers for her daughter, Jill.

Written by Kim Niklas of the Pacific Coast Church H2H team

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