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Kim has a heart for service and had been asking God for a place to serve the Lord in a practical way. He answered her prayer this past year.

Here is Kim’s story in her own words…

I’ve always had a heart for service, a nurse for 40 years, the oldest of 5, and mother of 3.  I’ve helped my parents downsize to senior living and set up households for my children. I really enjoy decorating. 

Homelessness frustrates me, I feel helpless to fix the problem. At my church, PCC (Pacific Coast Church), I was introduced to House to Home for people transitioning from homelessness through recovery to a new home. They needed people to set up the new homes. Perfect, I thought, maybe I can’t fix the whole problem, but I can help this person. Jesus teaches that we are all part of the body of Christ. In this case I’m just a hand of Jesus, but I can feel his love pouring from me onto these people. 

Last weekend I had the opportunity to help Thuy and her sweet five-year-old daughter, Kennedy, move into her sister’s home.  Thuy worked hard at the OCRM (Orange County Rescue Mission) to become sober and nurture her relationship with Jesus, and is now ready to have a home with her daughter. The love of Jesus was apparent in her sister’s eyes as she watched us transform Thuy’s bedroom and bathroom into somewhere she could call home. It was a thrill to see Thuy and Kennedy’s faces at the reveal of their new space. Kennedy dug right into her books and toys that are now set up for her to play with as Thuy sat by her and smiled. 

We serve to help people, but actually God gives us so much in the process that it doesn’t feel like work, it’s just fun!!

Thuy & Kennedy (her 5 yr. old daughter) experienced homelessness for many years in her addiction to meth and while she was pregnant.  She was desperate to provide a good and sober life to raise her daughter, Kennedy. She came to the OCRM and surrendered to God and the selfish life she was had been living. She allowed herself to become vulnerable and started the healing process with prayer, Bible study, one on one counseling, church and fellowship. She has a healthy relationship with her family today and is responsible with a full time job.

She has successfully enrolled her daughter in the summer Boys & Girls Club. Currently Thuy is seeking other employment as her current company is relocating to Texas. She has been working for Mazing Magnets for the past 2.6 years.

Her prayer request is to secure stable employment, be the best Mom she can be for Kennedy, and stay on the road of sobriety and spiritual growth.

I truly believe every follower of Jesus has his heart for people. Many people really desire to serve the needy in our community but just don’t know how or where to start. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to follow Kim’s example and volunteer to serve a Saturday with one of our Deed and Truth, House2Home teams. To volunteer contact Betty Anderson betty@deedandtruth.org and you can find a home for your heart to serve.

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