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The BIG DAY has arrived for Daisy, single mother of five children, and graduate of Hope Gardens. She just recently moved out of Hope Gardens and into her own apartment. Deed and Truth wants to assist Daisy in making her house a home.

God has brought Daisy a looooong way in her life transformational journey. Over the past 3 years at Hope Gardens, Daisy not only graduated the program but also completed an apprenticeship acquiring important job skills. With this experience under her belt, Daisy transitioned into a full time job at Big Lots and then interviewed for a full time position at El Proyecto Treatment Center. Her heart’s desire is to give back to those in need and share the love of Christ with them. Most recently she completed the necessary courses to become a case manager and received a promotion into this capacity.

Deed & Truth is launching a new ministry called House2Home (H2H) to assist successful Hope Gardens graduates who complete the program, overcome addictions, secure a full time job, save their money and secure housing.

Deed & Truth is organizing a team and financing the decorating of Daisy’s apartment to turn her house into a “home.” Daisy, and others like her, have no one to help them and we don’t want to see them use their minimal savings to buy furniture, appliances, and household items.

Next weekend D&T will be sending Daisy and her children to lunch and a movie. While she’s gone we will be furnishing and decorating her apartment. When they come back to the house it will feel like a “home.”

If you’d like to be involved in this new “House2Home” ministry you can encourage Daisy by leaving her a message or by donating. Also, we’d like you to hear her amazing transformation story. Check on these powerful videos about her journey to Jesus.

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