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Luz is a single-mother who was on the run fleeing from place to place to escape an abusive relationship.

She referred to her journey to freedom as “a bumpy road.” She even fled to Mexico for a time but her abuser found her. She eventually got to the Los Angeles area to hide.  

Luz didn’t know anyone and didn’t know where to turn. She was tired of running with her little daughter, Alyson. She looked around but couldn’t find safe shelter. She had run out of resources and ideas. Her last call was to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. They offered to help and gave her a bed and a safe place, both physically, and emotionally.

Luz took advantage of all the services the mission offered. She got a job, saved money, and took helpful classes. She also got into a church to find spiritual healing.  

Last week Luz moved into her own apartment with her daughter. Deed and Truth, partnering with compassionate volunteers from All Nations Church, turned her empty house into a home last Saturday. When she came home with her daughter to see the finished product she was overwhelmed with delight and joy. Her daughter, Alyson loved her colorful new bedroom.

Luz shared her journey and all our volunteers were captivated by her courage, resolve, and commitment to make a better life for her, and her daughter. She has secured a job in a medical office. Her employer sees her spirit and potential and has offered to help her to pursue her desire to become a medical technician.  

Luz asks for prayer for their safety as they begin living on their own, her daughter’s health, her ability to continue to save money, her spiritual growth, and opportunities to find promotion and development at her place of employment.

To complete the analogy, Deed and Truth is committed to helping fill in some of the potholes on the bumpy road Luz has been traveling, by providing her free on-going professional mental health and wellness counseling.  

When we left her home Saturday, Luz had a big smile on her face. She has real hope that God is turning her bumpy road into a straight path to continued recovery and the promise of a new life for her and Alyson.

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  1. Be still my heart! God is so, so good. What a beautiful home he’s given Luz and her daughter and in the process blessed all of the many donors. We’ll done!

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